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Average Rating 5 out of 5 stars

We Love Pioneer Dental

We love Pioneer Dental especially Kim Maki and Taylor World! The whole staff is friendly and they make it actually fun to go to the dentist!

Tina Schiele

Wife and mother of three girls

Pioneer Valley Dental offers great Professional service.
Clean, comfortable office. We are part of this group since 1993 and still love the service they provide.

Julieta Sarmiento

Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Our family has been going to Pioneer Valkey Dental for as long I can remember. Always greeted by the friendly staff upon arriving at the office. Staff is friendly and always make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Dr. World is the best dentist hands down. Enthusiastic, caring and I never second guess his work. Dental work is always explained to you questions are answered, never feel rushed. If you want to be treated with respect, this is the dental office for you,

Sue F

Always treated like family. Dr.

Always treated like family. Dr. Smith’s team is great!

Corina Howells

Good for the family

My family has been coming for many years. Dr. World has made going to the dentist a good experience. My adult, married children all use Pioneer Valley Dental as the bench mark they look for when they move away. My 8 yr. old loves the staff. That says it all for me.

Robert Bryan


ive been coming to pioneer valley dental for over 20 years. And I will keep coming for the next 20 years :)) they are truly the best. The doctors are amazing!! The staff is freaking the bomb. They are so good with my kidos. We love them 🙂

Emily king

Great Dr.

I’m like a ton of people very fearful of going to the dentist and am a nervous wreck when I go but after sitting in the chair the assistant and Dr. World make me much more relaxed. They offer options to help comfort a person and talk to you like your a human instead of a paycheck,,this is my favorite part of Dr. World. Work is done as I can afford and he doesn’t push for more, where other dentists I’ve seen actually have gotten upset with me when I refuse work that I can not afford. I will continue to see Dr. World and suggest anyone looking for a new dentist to give him a try,,you won’t be regretful!!

Robin Jones


I have been coming to this location and Dentist for over 15 years now! I just can’t say enough good things about them! We live in Southern Utah & so just to come here is either one or two day trip but is totally worth it. Very nice, professional, easy going, and most importantly caring about you and your teeth! I recommend this place to everyone 11/10

Michelle Christensen

My daughter and I are

My daughter and I are both patients of Dr. World, A very efficient and well-managed office with friendly staff and over the top customer service skills. Dr. World always amazes me with quick and painless dental procedures. I’ve spent thousands of hours in dental chairs in my lifetime, This is the best service I’ve received. ev

my 1st time here and

my 1st time here and had good experience, excellent service

Lotolua F

Friendly, Professional and Honest

If you’re looking for a dentist who is friendly, does excellent work, and is one that you can trust, come see Dr. World. He’s been my dentist my whole life. As a kid, I was never afraid of the dentist, he was always so friendly. I actually pursued a career in the dental field and did my clinical hours at his office. I’ve been ‘behind the scenes’ so to say, and I can tell you everything is very clean and professional, the staff is kind and they are all ones that you can trust. I’ve since moved out of state, and can’t find another dentist as kind and caring! I highly recommend Dr. World or any of his staff at Pioneer Valley Dental, they are truly amazing. Thank you!

Kelsie Jorgensen

My family and I have

My family and I have been coming here for years. I love how Dr. World and his staff treat us like family and make our visit enjoyable ever time we come for a visit

Tonia blockovich

We love the services .

Kon S

Always great service and impressed with the speed. Never wait longer than 5 minutes to be taken back

Jeff S

Great practice! Very friendly, they like to spoil their patients.

Amy S

Dr. Smith and his crew are great


Love this place I will never go anywhere else!

Ann B

Always friendly, always on time!

Keely M

Dr. Broadbent and the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental know their business. They care about their patients. I have been a patient there now for 16 years. With each appointment, my smile has been improved. Dr. Broadbent gave me veneers 15 years ago. I have not had a single problem with them. I used to be self conscious about my smile. I am not any more. Becoming a patient at Dr. Broadbent’s office was the best thing I have ever done for me. I love my smile. The staff is courteous, professional, and caring. They make you feel so welcome. Your kids will like going there as well. They can check out gaming systems or watch tv on the ceiling. I no longer dread going to the dentist. Give Dr. Broadbent a try at Pioneer Valley Dental. You will be glad you did.

S Davis

I recently started going to Dr. Smith from a bad experience at a different dental office. I have had nothing but positive visits with Dr. Smith and his great staff at Pioneer Valley.


Love pioneer valley dental.

Steve M

I just want to say how much I love Dr World and his staff they are amazing. Receptionsit , and dental assistance, everyone in the office go out of their way to make you feel confortable, and treat you like family. I recently had an implant done from Dr Broadbent, it was done with a laser. Best experience ever, no pain, done so easy. I recommend this service to be done at Pioneer Valley Dental, along with any other dental need. I can proudly say I have the Best Dentist Ever!! Thanks Dr World for taking such good care of me and my family. Dr Broadbent thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my implant. You guys are the Best!!

Bonnie C

Had a great time good staff and orthodontics

Colby G

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Baugh and Dr. World! They are always wonderful to talk to and very accommodating at my visits!

Jason L

Super long wait at this dentist. Quality dental work and doesn’t break the bank.

Dylan K

I was scared of going to the dentist, having gone 7+ years without visiting a dentist. But my teeth were to the point that I was having consistent pain, headaches, and interrupted sleep. Dr. Maki & Dr. World are the team that helped get my teeth to where they are now, which is FANTASTIC! Cavities filled, root canal done, teeth whitened (the kit they gave worked so well!), and I’ve capped it all off with a crown. The fact that they don’t make me feel judged for wanting laughing gas, that my mouth doesn’t hurt when the numbing wears off, and that every person staffed in their facility seems to remember what was said before (and carries the conversation on with each visit) is just fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend Pioneer Valley Dental, and I think Dr. Maki and Dr. World are FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Katherine F

My family has been going to Dr.Baugh at Pioneer Valley Dental for about 17 years. We really like Dr. Baugh and his staff. They are not only professional, but also friendly! Even after we moved away from West Valley, we continued to go to Dr. Baugh! I would recommend Pioneer Valley Dental to anyone who is searching for a dentist!

Mei-Dai G

Dr. Broadbent, Young Dr. Broadbent, Dr. World have all worked on my teeth and been my Dentist’s for many years Everyone in the clinic are friendly personable and The Best people to deal with. If you are scared of the dentist these guys make you feel at home! I absolutely HATE drills! Dr Broadbent and Dr World feel more like family than my own family! I recently had a tooth chip in an old filling they got me in quickly and made my smile as good as new!!
Thanks to all of you! I highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental!

Kenneth C

Dr. World has the most professional and well organized practice I have ever been to. The staff and assistants are extra friendly and they treat me like a V.I.P. There is not a better dental office out there.

J Seng

Dr. World has been the best dentist that I have had. He has also been so understanding and kind to my wife who is deathly afraid of the dentist.

Tyler H

I went it for a cleaning, and came out minus cold/canker sore. Lodged up high in my gums, it was extremely painful and had been bothering me for days. There’s not a whole lot I can do about them except wait until they finally heal which can take upwards of two weeks.

When asked if I had any concerns I pointed out the cold sore just to make sure they’d be extra careful in that area. It was then I was told about their CO2 laser that could eliminate the sore immediately, and would keep it from coming back in that area. I was immediately willing to try it!

The laser would remove any water in the area, killing off any bacteria/virus that caused the sore in the first place.

They used a little gel to numb the area. The actual process took maybe ten seconds. I didn’t feel a thing. The area is no longer numb and I don’t feel a thing. Not the sore, neither any pain from the procedure!

Cold sores, canker sores, fever blisters, or even a mole on the lip – all can be taken care of by Pioneer Valley Dental.

Laurie W

I have been going here for 23 years and I love everything about this dentist office. Even moving to Midvale I still drive all the way out to West Valley to continue to see Dr. Austin Broadbent. I began seeing his dad Dr Tom Broadbent years ago when I first got teeth. Their staff is awesome and they treat you very well. Love everything about them

Dani R

I love the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental. They care about you and do a great job. I would recommend to everyone.

Jay B

Horrible office. Called them prior to going asking if they accept met life and they said yes. Before appointment reasked if they accept met life and said they did. Then Husand and I get teeth cleaned and then they reveal they are out of network. When I asked about it costing given teeth cleaning is covered 100% in network, the office manager blamed the plan we had that we choose the cheap one. Did not find out they were out of network till we got home.

Alexis S

Everyone is very helpful and concerned.

Carmen G

I have been a patient of Dr. Worlds for several years. My experience at Pioneer Valley Dental has always been pleasant. From the front desk to the assistants, I am always treated with friendly smiles and kind words. They are always concerned with my comfort and well being and will go the exrta mile to meet my schedule. For quality care I recommend Poineer Valley Dental to all my friends.

Jeff F

I had my wisdom teeth removed and my Jawbone was left exposed and sharp after the procedure. I have called several times today to get in and have it looked at. The phones are not working. Very frustraing as I sit here in pain!

Gavin P

I have been with Pioneer Valley Dental for many years, They know me by name. Every time I go to see Dr, Smith it’s like seeing family. I highly reccomend Dr. Smith and would trust him with my life, as well as my dental health.I feel that I have hit the jackpot with Dr. Smith. Thanks to all his staff. RRRon

Ron W

Love this dentist office. Super friendly staff all across the board and Dr. Broadbent is the best dentist ever!

Matty A

Great experience, went in for a tooth ache, found the problem right away, temp fix right then. A week later problem solved. The staff is fun and courteous, they make the Dentist almost fun….still the dentist in general. Great staff and office.

George K

I was always affried of dentests ssa friend told me about dr world and his awsume staff. I love going there .with no fears. the asts are varying helpful and know what they are doing..monaca holds my hand to make me comfortable which is worth tha visit. great people great doctor. 5 star rateing, Hy Hudson

Morgan W

This office runs a tight ship! I’m pretty picky about who in let work on me and I have loved loved loved assistant Alex. Dr. World is pretty swell too.

Holly M

I highly recommend Dr. Thomas K. Broadbent, along with his associates and staff at Pioneer Valley Dental. They are competent and caring dentists, and stay cutting edge in their field. Recently I benefited from new computer technology where Dr. Tom was able to adjust my bite with such exactness that my jaw muscles have since noticeably relaxed, decreasing overall strain and stress. I personally recommend Dr. Tom, along with Dr. World, Dr. Maki, and Dr. Austen Broadbent, as my family and I have had many positive experiences with them over several decades. They take pride in providing excellent care, both in maintaining the health and improving the look of our teeth. Their staff are genuinely very friendly and caring as well. Our family actually looks forward to dental visits because we receive extra special treatment, including asking periodically how we are doing during procedures, gift card rewards, treasure box prizes, and a themed playroom that has evolved over the years, delighting our children and now our grandchildren. If you are looking for excellent dental care where you know you will be treated by professionals with a kind, personal touch you will find it at Pioneer Valley Dental.

Marianne C

Great dental assistants, I don’t have to wait a long time to be seen.

Kayden C

We love everything about this place from the receptionist, the assistants, and the doctor. We would recommend pioneer valley dental to everyone.

Brian L

Very very friendly atmosphere and are very willing to work with you with everything needed

Ryan D

I have been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for years. I have always had top notch service. Dr. Maki-World is so friendly and personable. I have recommended others to Pioneer Valley Dental because of the quality of the staff and the cleanliness of the facility.

Lisa B

Been going since I was little love this place makes you feel super comfortable. Bringing my daughter here too (:

Kimberly G

Painless and very nice. I’ve been coming here for years not once have I ever had a bad experience. If you’re looking for a dentist I recommend Dr. Baugh. Any question I have or had has always been answered without making me feel unsatisfied.

Dustin L

TRULY AMAZING that is what I say about Pioneer Valley Dental. I had a very bad toothache which had kept me up all night. I called their office and they were able to get me in right away. I was surprised when I first walked in to their office with the atmosphere. Comfortable, Clean, and Elegant. When I walked up to the front desk I was greeted with a smile which was very sincere almost like family. I only waited about 10 minutes after filling out my paperwork and was taken to another room my an assistant Malaya she also was genuine, and sincere like the lady at the front counter. She took and xray of my tooth and told me my Dr. would be Dr. Brent Baugh and that they would do everything they could to fix the tooth and pain. Within in 10 minutes again the Dr. arrived he to was just like the other employees of this office genuine, courteous, and really caring about me. It took maybe an hour to fix my tooth and I was given some take home gifts and escorted to the checkout area. I have never in my life felt better and never have I ever been treated with the utmost respect, kindness, I have told all my coworkers and members of my ward how amazing these people are if I could give them 10 stars I would. Thank you again KJ

Bob J

I have had an excellent experience at Pioneer Valley Dental. The staff was awesome. They were all so friendly and professional. I definitely recommend going here.

Esperanza D

Fabulous dental care, amazing customer service.

Kendall T

They made me feel welcome, greatest customer service I’ve ever experienced and that’s going to the dentist which a lot of people don’t like to go, the doctor and his assistant remembered me , the assistant I’m hurting me like if I was one of her good friends and brought up the topic from two months ago and that shows me that they actually remember their patients and I had a wonderful experience I would go back again and I would take my future family there service.

Christopher R

I love my dentist. Dr Smith is awesome!

Deanna S

I’ve been going here for 20 years and have seen several of the dentists and they are all kind, caring and take good care of my family!!!

Barb M

Dr. Baugh and staff at PVD are great. I’ve tried a couple dental offices closer to me, but they’re well worth the drive for honest careful considerate work.

Melanie W

How I managed to be led to this wonderful dentist I can only guess, but I am so grateful! Austin Broadbent, DDS, and the rest of the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental are so professional, yet personable. I had to have a root canal, and was treated so kindly – a blanket, pillow, TV on the ceiling, headphones, remote control, lidocaine, as well as “laughing gas,” a thyroid guard for my x-ray, an offer to take a potty break half way through procedure. Chap stick was applied for me a few times during the procedure, and then given to me to take home (of course). To top it all off, once my bib was removed, a warm, wet, sterile towel to wipe my face with, a bottle of cool water, and a mint. I may find myself praying for cavities. Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental! So glad I moved here. Best dental experience of my life!

Robin P

I have been a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental for almost 20 years and without hesitation would say the level of service, compassion and professionalism is quite extraordinary. The exceptional staff, who’s focus is to ensure our every need is met and the appropriate treatment is provided based on our personalized needs always seems to put me at ease. Just about everyone in my family also goes to PVD, and in some cases travel many hours to get here. The level of trust, honesty and the wonderful results is what keeps us coming back. Without a doubt, I would strongly recommend PVD as your dental care provider…you will not be disappointed!

Kevin S

Let me preface this review by stating that I AM NOT usually one to review businesses I deal with. I usually go about my business, and let things be. But I feel particularly impressed to let the internet know how strongly I feel about this dental office though, so please take this review serious, because it is straight from the heart.

I’m a patient of Doctor Broadbent. I’ve seen both him and his son Austin for years now. And when I say years, I mean the better part of 2 decades. Not a joke. I am absolutely – and forever will be – a loyal patient of this dental practice. Even through all the years of my insurance changing, the one constant has been that I will be visiting this office for all of my dental care needs. They’re not even an in network provider for my dental plan, but do I care? NO! I have to pay a bit more for their services, but it’s a premium that I am happy pay to receive the level of care, concern, and professionalism that this dental office delivers on a daily basis.

Let that sink in. My insurance would cover preventative care and other procedures at 100% with other clinics which I willingly choose to not go to. Since Dr. Broadbent is out of network, I usually have to pay something for services other than routine checkups and cleanings, and I pay that premium happily and willingly. Read: I put my money where my mouth is (pun intended).

Plus, members of my family have had some major dental work done at this office in the past, and it is always accompanied by an individualized phone call from the dentist himself afterwards to follow up and check on us. It impresses me so much that Dr. Broadbent has personally taken the time to call and check on his patients after a major procedure. Doesn’t that just tell you that he cares about his patient’s total well-being?

His staff is super considerate, and your comfort is their priority. They always ask how I’m doing as they go about their cleanings and stuff and will make the necessary accommodations to make sure I’m at ease and as comfy as I can be. I guess some people find the dentist uncomfortable? NOT THIS GUY!!! Not with this clinic, anyways. I’ve been to other clinics, and I can tell you, Dr. Broadbent and staff are masters of their craft.

Further, it seems as though every time I show up, they have specific and distinct memories about our last conversation at my previous visit, and my teeth. For example, at my last visit, one of the assistants totally remembered I am a die-hard Utah football fan, so we talked about how great the 2015 season is going for the Utes for about 10 minutes before we even started to work on my teeth. They are all about the relationship here. Doctor Broadbent even remembers my childhood nickname! How great is that?

Their office is near spotless every time. Their waiting lobby has plenty of reading material in case there’s a wait time. They have an entire kids corner where my kids can play. It looks like a pilot’s cockpit in a space ship so it’s like a little jungle gym for the kiddos. Last thing I would want is my kid ruining everything while I try to keep them in check in the office. Yet, this practice has the concern and foresight to accommodate kids and to reinforce what they obviously consider a family environment.

Their office also has very high end and cutting edge technologies that not very many offices have. Their x-ray machines are newer, their adjustment tools and imaging equipment is all state-of-the-art and by what I can tell, they want to stay at the very forefront of the dental profession by investing in the latest equipment possible.

Gosh, would it be inappropriate to say their dental assistants are usually very attractive too? Yet another added bonus.

I will not go to any other dental office so long as I have teeth. I’m so glad that Dr. Austin Broadbent is eventually inheriting Dr. Broadbent’s patients. The standard of excellence appears to be in good hands well into the future.

Eldon G

What a great place to go. I have been going for about 30 years and my hole family to great customer service and staff.I recommended pioneer valley dental to everybody try them you wont be disappointed.

Bailee B

I absolutely love this dental office, and our kids love coming here too! To say that the staff is friendly polite is an understatement. I would recommend my dentist and this office time and time again. There could not be a nicer person than Laura, in the billing area.

Steffany E

I’ve been going to Pioneer Valley Dental since I was a a little girl, probably close to 20 years now! The staff are so friendly and they take the time to get to know their patients. They all do an incredible job, and you’ll feel comfortable and at ease whenever you’re in the office. I actually look forward to my dentist appointments thanks to these wonderful people!

Jessica S


Mairon S

Dr.World at PVD, has been my dentist for what seems like forever, almost 20 years now, and i absolutely love going to the dentist, Instead of a chore i have to do, it feels like going to visit some close family while also getting very professional oral care. I would recommend Pioneer Valley Dental to anybody i ever come across.

Austen A

My family has been going to Dr. Tom for over 10 years. They know us personally and work very hard to help however they can. For quite a few of those years we lived over 1 hour away and still made the trip. They have been great with my kids. I hated the dentist as a kid but, because of Dr. Tom and his staff, my kids don’t mind the dentist at all.

Tyler M

I like that I get prizes for getting my teeth cleaned. I don’t like getting x-rays much, but every dentist does that. I like that I got to play a Nintendo DS while I was waiting for the rest of my family to have their teeth cleaned. I like that they have a drinking fountain right before you enter their office.

Henry S

I remember the old place. I have been going there since kindergarten and now close to graduation. 🙂 All the people there know me by name and they are just wonderful people. They treat you like family and they are there to help you so if you don’t feel comfortable you can just let them know and they’ll go above and beyond to make sure it is a great experience there for you.

Niki B

Love this place, the staff is awesome and very friendly. Keep my teeth in great shape…

Reginald J

Absolutely fabulous. This place provides ALL services. Your not just another person or patient. Your treated like family from start to finish. Would defiantly recommend to friends and family. Thanks for all you do:}

Tamara S

It’s so great to come into Pioneer Valley, because I always know it will be a great experience and they’ll take good care of my teeth.

Brynley J

Love all the employees that work there! There isn’t anyone there who doesn’t know me by name or treats me like family. My husband who would rather be shot in the leg than go to the dentist, even enjoys going there. I have been going there for over 13 years. Thanks for everything!

Kerry B

I had a real problem that needed attention now. Dr. Broadbent got on ti right away and solved the problem with dispatch and the least amount amount of discomfort. He also gets my jokes.

Howard C

Best service dental 100% recommend

Mauricio L

My appointment was on 5/21/13 I went in a 6 month cleaning while I was there, I needed to have 3 fillings they stated that they could take care it right then so I opted to have it done. (Booyah no return appointments) The staff was Awesome!!!!! They did a wonderful job to make sure that I was at ease and taken care of. I had to take my little girl to the appointment and they made her comfortable they provide pictures to color, and a something to drink. My over all experience was excellent I would recommend a friend or (anybody) to Pioneer Valley Dental.

Brandon H

Dr Brentwood is the nicest & best Dr on earth

Frances E

The entire staff are very happy friendly kind the best I have ever delt with at a dental office

Raymond H

Pioneer Valley Dental is exceptional. Their staff is friendly and professional. I can tell that they all have a passion for their profession. I have been a patient for five years now, and any chance I get to refer someone there I do because I know they will be taken care of just as I am. I know that Dr. Baugh’s team always does the best and right treatment for me. It is a good feeling to be in the hands of people you trust. There is “no” treatment that this office can’t do. They always have options for everything. Patients truly do come first at this office.

Brian E

The doctors in this Dental Clinic always does a great job.They are very professional and friendly and always gives me and my family good information on our specific dental conditions. The staff were courteous and helpful. They are the best dental team for anyone, especially for people have a fear of the dentist and dental procedures.
I have recommended this clinic to my friends.

Miriam S

Best Dental office I’ve been to, very professional and personal. They take very good care of me every time I go in! Dr. Baugh does amazing work and really cares about his patients. I used to dread going in for my cleanings and would put it off, but not since I’ve found Pioneer Valley Dental!

Shambre M

By far THE BEST Dental Experience I have EVER had! Everyone is friendly, very personable, totally painless experience, AND they have the Bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise in their Lobby… TOTALLY SERIOUS!!! An Amazing experience all around! I have found my new Dentist for Life! This is the first time EVER that I look forward to coming back to the Dentist! Thank You to Dr. A. Broadbent and staff for a memorable experience! I will be back, for sure!

Joel M

Absolutely the best Dental office I ever been to. I have been a patient for over 13 years . The staff is always very friendly and comforting. Every visit is painless and pleasant. As a dental lab technician working for many other dental practices in Salt Lake area I can say this office is very well run. Efficient and highly professional, proudly standing behind quality of work they provide.Highly recommended.


I am a patient of Doctor Baugh’s and he and his assistants have always been great! My daughter and I go for checkups every 6 months and something I greatly appreciate is that they are always running right on time. We get there and check in and are not waiting for more than 2 or 3 minutes and we are called back. I appreciate an office that knows my time is valuable. I would highly recommend this office to everyone.

Jennifer D

I have been cursed with very “weak” teeth ever since I was a child. So I have been to a LOT of dental appointments in my life and have become well acquainted with many dentists. But NONE of them have been better than Dr. Austin Broadbent! He was recommended to me, about three years ago, by my daughter in-law. From the first day I stepped into his office I have been treated like I was THE most important customer!
I can’t even pick out a “favorite” person because everyone is so kind and attentive that whoever is helping me at the moment is my favorite! Bonnie, Jared, and Autumn were my first contacts with the staff. Bonnie was first to greet me with friendliness and kindness before I even got to the desk to sign in. She always compliments me on something—like how much she likes my curly hair.
Jared, who was next, led me back to a room and took such good care of me as he prepared me for the doctor. I think he tries to “read” my mind so I don’t have to ask for anything. He figures it out BEFORE I need to ask!
I finished the appointment with Autumn, who takes care of billing and scheduling. She has patiently helped and continues to help me with so many insurance issues.
They are all so anxious to make my visit comfortable and pleasant. They remember that I am always cold, so there is a blanket already in the room when I get there. They have bottled water in case I need it; movies or TV or headphones if I want them; they would probably run right out and get my favorite Utah Mint Truffle candy bar if I asked for one! I even get a $10 gift card for having my check-ups every six months—something I SHOULD do that is for MY benefit in the first place!
Dr. Austin shows constant care and consideration for any pain that he thinks he might be causing. And I have to say that I don’t really worry about pain because of his conscientious concern and expertise. Most of the time, any “indications” that look like I MIGHT be experiencing pain are because I only THINK it’s going to hurt.
Dr. Austin very patiently answers my questions and I love how he can explain things “on my level” so I know what is going on and what needs to be done. He is always aware and concerned about my ability to afford the services. I know he is a good, caring, and honest man–not only because of my own interaction with him, but because my daughter in-law knows him and his family very well; therefore, I trust him completely to recommend and do what is best for me AND my budget!
There is only one thing lacking in his office complex–a hair salon! My hair gets pretty messed up from lying in that chair! I think we ladies need a convenient “fix-it” place.
I highly recommend Dr. Austin Broadbent! He truly cares about his patients.

Kathy C

Dr Austin Broadbent is one of the best dentists I have ever seen. I have always had a pleasant experience even for not so pleasant procedures. Dr Broadbent and his staff are always very friendly and take the time to get to know you. They are very kid friendly and even have a play/movie area for the kids.

David P

Staff are friendly and very positive. Love the atmosphere and always have a great time going. Never wait long to be seen. A++

Aaron Z

I Love the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental they are so caring and always friendly. Dr World is the best!

Shonna C

So, it’s been a very long time since ive been to the dentist I decided to do some research and try to find a great dentistry. And I came across Pioneer Valley, I called, told them my problems, asked questions. And with the phone call its self, I was already pleased. I was super nervous & embarrassed to go get my teeth checked but right as I walked through the door and into the building, I didn’t even feel like I was going to the dentist. I checked in, did my paper work, waited a short period, and was introduced to the best..Dr. Austen Broadbent. I felt comfortable, and I felt like I was in really good hands. I went in for one thing and they made a whole plan for me. He is so caring, and so careful. I was in no pain, and he wanted to keep it that way. Never really thought I’d be excited to go back in! Also, I am very young at age, they helped me a lot..I am so thankful for what they have done for me so far, Candace, is such a sweetheart! She’s been so helpful since day one, I can’t wait to have a pretty smile, that I’ll be confident in. Thank you Dr. Austen Broadbent and staff. (:

Tanya N

My wife and I have been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for quite a few years. We love all the staff from the front office to our great dentist. Dr. Broadbent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Our teeth are in great shape and they are very professional about everything we do. I can actually look forward to going to the dentist!. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Pioneer Valley Dental. You can’t go wrong.

Michael N

I have been going to this dentist office for years! I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to anyone! Everyone is so friendly and Dr, Smith is wonderful!! I would never go anywhere else.

Jenny C

Just went to the dentist office! It was awesome and I love the service. Been going here forever! Dr. Baugh is an amazing dentist!

Ella S

Cons: 1. The lady Dental Assistant was not careful when flossing my teeth. It was pretty painful when she rammed the floss into my gum fast and hard. My gum was painful after my last visit. The Hygienist was great at flossing my teeth. Yes, I floss daily. 2. On my last visit, there was a scent in the lobby that made my nose stuffy. The scent didn’t affect my wife. I wish there weren’t any scents in the lobby. The scent was not in the exam room. 3. It’s not free.

Pros: 1. Dr. Austin Broadbent is great and really nice. He’s also very professional. 2. Autumn is wonderful. My wife and I really like working with her. 3. Freebies; we got two $10 Great Harvest vouchers.

Pioneer Valley Dental is not perfect but is the best dental office I ever went to. They’re very nice, professional, and helpful. Overall score is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Because there’s no 4.2 stars, I’ll pick 4 stars.

Mark R

I highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental! I have been a patient of Dr. Smith’s for about 20 years. I now bring my family here because Pioneer Valley Dental provides the absolute best dental care for the whole family! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Smith! He is very kind, friendly, and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional dental services. The entire staff is amazing, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the reception/waiting area is beautiful and inviting!

Lindsey J

I like that is has a play area that is fun. I like the prizes. I like that I can watch TV while they are cleaning my mouth. I like that the Dentist is nice.

Mara S

The whole staff is great . Made us feel very comfortable and built a trust with one another .

Kim M

I’ve had braces from here and now have retainers, their service is nice and they always are helpful on appointments. They aren’t over priced and my family loves their orthodontist!

Jasmine M

They have very friendly care

Derek W

I have been coming here since I was born and let’s just say I’m a proud member of the zero cavity club. Dr. World is THE MAN and this place is AWESOME.

Jaclyn G

This was the best experience ive ever had with any dentist office. The dental assistants and Dr World treated me like I was family. I have found a dental office that im very comfortable with and will continue going back. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a dentist/dental office.

Dennis L

Change of insurance forced me away a couple years ago, after running through place after place…. I decided to return here regardless of insurance….yes they are that awesome!

David G

I have been a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental for 26 years. Dr. World has pulled my wisdom teeth, put on and taken off my braces, and performed countless exams. My entire family looks forward to going to the dentist. Even after moving miles away we will not go anywhere else. I actually have a cleaning appt next week, and can’t wait!! The entire staff is amazing, a second family to be honest. We LOVE them!!

Susan K

Been going to dr. Smith for years… Love it!

Zach E

Dr world and staff are the best! Feels like going home to have dental work done.
Thanks for all you do.

Mark B

They really treated me well put me at ease dr. baugh is excellent and very nice the dental assistance Sharron Dent was wonderful thanks for making this a good experience i will be back

Eric D

I have been a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental for years and absolutely love them. Their office staff is super friendly and helpful. The assistants. hygienists, and doctors are top notch as well. I recently recommended the office to a family member and they were thrilled with the service and compassion they received. Thanks to the entire staff for such great service!

Tracie B

Very nice people throughout the whole office. They didn’t make me feel like a new patient but like they really cared about me and wanted me to be happy.

Kyle S

The best experience I’ve ever had and I would recommend them to everyone under the sun. I had called many places to see if they took my insurance and the receptionist Laura was so kind to me on the phone I chose their dental office. When I entered the office I had no idea which one was Laura because everyone mirrored the same kindness. Dr. Smith was just as welcoming and nice. My five year old son as soon as I got home from work could not stop talking about how much fun it was and he received an award and picture taken for having no cavities. My wife also has enormous fear of dentists and she is actually at ease for the first time knowing that he isn’t even going to start the procedure unless she is comfortable. I give them 20 stars in reality!

Danielle K

With 15 years been Pioneer Dental’s patients we can say that we feel in family having all our trust in the Doctors and staff. We are 4 generations enjoying the good care of Pioneer Valley Dental

Laura H

I have had braces for seven years and have had most horror stories of untrustworthy orthodontist work on my smile that I have desired since I was a young lady. When I came to pioneer valley not only did the front staff make me feel like family, Dr. World made me feel an actually satisfaction of being heard and that the Ortho care from his office will ensure the smile I have been wanting my whole life. I can not thank the pioneer family more in these words but only can suggest to anyone to make an appt with this amazing facility!!

Catherine S

Excellent customer service.
Very friendly staff

Doug M

Had a dental emergency and they were able to get me in very quickly. The staff is very kind and know what they are doing. It really felt like a family environment. 🙂

Trever O

The doctors and the staff are very friendly and professional, they have the latest technology for dentistry, I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a good dentist that cares for your dental needs!!!!!!

Jared H

My long time dentist retired in 2010 and I wasn’t looking forward to finding a dentist I could feel comfortable with. Fortunately, my wife scheduled an appointment with her dentist, Dr.World at Pioneer Valley Dental. My experience was exceptional from the moment I entered the office, from the front desk staff, to the dental team, hygienist, Dr.World and the practice manager. Myself and my teeth have never been treated so well. The professional customer care was a great change from my many years with the same dentist and my many years in the military, dealing with military dentists. I have had two visits to Pioneer Valley Dental and both visits were exceptional. I highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental and their dental teams!!!

Byra S

Dr. Baugh has been our family dentist for more than 20 years. Though we moved more than 40 miles away, we still travel in to see him and his staff at least twice a year.
What great professional service is given by Dr. Baugh and the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental!

Noriko W

It was amazing, The lady that was working on my filling was super careful and could keep a conversation to calm me down during the process. I recommended them to my girlfriend and she recommended them to her little sister and her mother. 5 Plus Stars!!!

Micky S

Dr. Smith and his staff are amazing. I always have an awesome cleaning. The other work, crowns, fillings and etc. are very professional and never have a problem with them. I would highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental for anyone looking for great dentistry,


Called in on a Friday and got me an appointment. Willing to work with me double check the paperwork. Nice comfortable feel in the office makes being nervous hard. 10/10 would come back.

William S

We appreciate Pioneer Valley Dental/Dr. Kim Maki and help we have had with our dental work. They are always friendly and do a great job!

Blaine B

Dr. World is an amazing dentist! I used to hate coming to the dentist until I started coming to Dr. World! The office is very nice with a play room for your little ones! Nice staff and great assistants! 5 stars for sure!

Brayden K

I seriously like this dentist place. They are truely friendly. Quick. Straight to the point and the wait time far less then any other dentist I have been to. They are willing to work with you with almost any situation. Totally awesome guys thank you again for the great smile.

Drew R

Dr. World has been the most honest and selfish orthodontist we’ve gone to. Our son has been seen by 4 orthodontist’s in 3.5 years because of moves. Coming to Pioneer Valley was such a breath of fresh air realizing we weren’t going to be taken advantage of once again… And that’s a long story. Thanks Dr. World!


My parents and I have been going to Dr. Thomas Broadbent for nearly 30 years. Now my kids are seeing him. My husband sees Dr. Smith. We have always received great care from the friendly staff. I highly recommend their office!

Candi C

Pioneer Valley Dental and Dr. Broadbent has been my dentist for 20 years. I am one of the smile success stories when he gave me a permanent bridge 20 years ago. I recently moved away and when I had an issue with a tooth connected to my bridge I thought I’d try a dentist closer to home. This man told me I would loose my bridge to fix this problem. I decided to make the drive back to Dr. Broadbent who was able to do the root canal without damaging my bridge. I will continue making the 70 mile trip for all my dental needs.

Karen C

I’ve been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for years and I absolutely love them!! Not only are they extremely professional but they are also extremely friendly, always making me feel important. The receptionist always greets me by my first name as soon as I walk in the door. I’m sure they see hundreds of patients a day but they treat me as if I’m their only patient. Their newly remodeled office is gorgeous!! I see how much fun the kids are having playing in the new Star Trek play room. I would highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental to anyone looking for an exceptional dentist with exceptional staff.

January G

Best dental care! They are gentle, caring & truly inspire patients to take the best care of their teeth & mouth in general! First dentist I have truly looked forward to seeing!

Suzy B

I have been a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental for about twenty years. In over to Kaysville in 2006 and I would still not go anywhere else. Everyone is so nice and they do good work. Dr. World is the best.

Sarah S

I have been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for the last 10 or 15 years. These people are AMAZING! From Dr. Thomas Broadbent (Dentist) to Brittany and the Oral Hygienist, they are all great. I have never left there without being totally satisfied with my care and treatment. I am a school administrator and recommend them to any of my students and family when it comes up. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you Pioneer Valley Dental!

David G

I’m having such a great experience being a patient at PVD! I have seen both Dr. Broadbents, and they are both amazing. I was having severe headaches and jaw tension from clenching my teeth. I did the teeth scan with Dr. T. Broadbent and I am not having problems at all anymore, and I’ve been suffering with these painful TMJ symptoms for years. I would recommend this to anyone suffering the same way.

Amanda W

Dr. Baugh and his staff are wonderful. They take such good care of myself and my children. He has been my dentist for about 7 years and I look forward to many more years of excellent dental care from Dr. Baugh and Pioneer Valley Dental.

Michelle S

I’ve been coming to pioneer valley dental since I was a small child and no amount of words can express how much I love the staff and their care I get every time I go in. Everyone knows me by name and has seen me grow up just as I’ve been seen them grow and expand. Dr. Thomas Broadbent has been my dentist from the beginning and I always know I can trust him to give me an amazing smile, and not only is he an outstanding dentist, he is a extratronany guy! When it was time for braces Dr. World did the job and I had them off in 2 years! I’m always smiling now and I get so many compliments and I have pioneer valley dental to thank you that! 5 stars is not enough, if I could give a 100 stars I would but it still won’t come close to how much I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Team. I love the Doctors and the hygienists, every single one of them! And I do recommend this team to everyone I encounter who is looking for a Dentist! I promise this is the place to come, you feel like family and they treat you like family.

Stace E

I adore this dental office! The staff here are very friendly. And Dr. Broadbent is always very informative in my dental procedures. I no longer get nervous as they make sure I’m always comfortable. Five stars from me!

Amanda S

I always look forward to coming to my Cleaning every 6 months. Dr Broadbent and all the Staff at Pioneer Valley Dental are so Nice and so Warming. I always leave with a big smile because they do a great job and always treat me very good. I have been going here for over 10 years and will continue to go.. Thank You Pioneer Valley Dental.

Bridget C

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Baugh at Pioneer Valley Dental for years. They are considerate of our time, thorough and very customer friendly. I would recommend Dr. Baugh to anyone looking for am awesome dentist.

George H

I’ve been going to Pioneer for 20 years and they have always welcomed me warmly and their dental service is superb. Dr. World is the best! I would happily recommend them!

Emily B

I am brand new to this place. I made an appointment and had the paperwork done before my appointment time. Now I sit and wait for the dentist. Even though others can just go ahead in front of me. Interesting to say the least. I will continue to fill in the report as thus goes.

Jessie B

I highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental the staff is very friendly and professional. I love the fact that Dr Austin Broadbent walks you thru every step and that they tell you up front what needs to be done. Not like other dentistties I’ve experienced try to pinch every penny out of you

Eve E

The service overall is great. From the very first tine you walk in!
I started with just a consultation for braces and now I see them every six months for my regular cleaning/checkups. The dental assistants a great specially Jared and Iva!

Nayitha P

I’ve been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for years and they have always been so friendly and provided the best dental care!

Molyna N

I left my old dentist of 20 years to come to Pioneer Valley Dental. The staff are the nicest people and very professional. I actually look forward to going to the dentist.My daughter likes the way they take care of her. It’s like being part of the family. I highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental to everyone.

Charles M

We love everything about Dr. Broadbent’s office. He and his staff are the best. Even my kids love going to the dentist, they make it a great experience for all. We will never go anywhere else.

Amanda M

I would highly recommend Pioneer dental. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The office is very clean. Dr. Baugh is very professional and down to earth. I am happy with my experiences with them

Scott W

Dr. Baugh is great! All of the staff at Pioneer Valley Staff are awesome! If you are looking for a great Dentist Office, this one is it!

Jack B

I had one of the best dental experiences of my life today! Dr. Austen Broadbent and his team are completely awesome! Candice (his practice manager) is amazing! And his hygienist, Kristy, was beyond helpful and made me laugh all while she was cleaning my teeth. If you are in the market for a new dentist, you will not be disappointed if you pick this office! Excellent customer service from start to finish!

Jordan B

I just started going here and it was because of a referral from my mom who also goes here. Dr. Smith and his staff are extremely nice and are very very good at explaining things. I will definitely be returning.

Dione M

I feel that most Dentist I encounter treat me differently because I do not have access to dental insurance right now, there for I have not seen a dentist since I had insurance last year. I have been having problems with a beoken tooth for a few months now and the last week has gotten worse. It finally brought me down my face was swollen and my throat felt like it was closing off. My mom called several dentist that either turned me away or wanted to charge an outrageous price to be seen. As I was giving up hope thinking im going to really die from a tooth…she contacted Pioneer Dental. My mom explained my situation and I only had so mich money to put down. Their office agree to see me that day. I have never meet such wonderful people. As soon as Dr. Broadbent came into the room a calmness came over me. He spoke to me like I was a human being who actually mattered unlike others I have meet. I believe he saved me, in my book is is the best dentist I have ever meet and I am so grateful to him (even though he said it was the gas talking) well the gas is not afftecting me now and I still feel strongly that he is amazing. He said the tooth was very infected and gave me antibiotics and helped to drain some of the infection. I am feeling so much better and I am so grateful he is willing to see me again and work on me without having inaurance for a resonable and fair price. He actually cares about people and it ahows just by how he speaks to you. I could go on and on but I will end with saying this…

I truly believe that Dr. Austen Broadbent and his assistants are Angels. And I cannot express my gratidude towards them or say Thank you enough!!

Carly M

First of all I would like to say that Pioneer Valley Dental, is the best office around town. We have been going to the office for years and have never had a bad experience at all. From the minute you open the door you get greeted from Bonnie, with how are you doing today, with your first name, and we will have you back in just a few minutes. The techs promptly take you back, and get started with the necessary issues at hand. Dr. Smith has always been our favorite, he is the best, our kids have never been afraid to visit the dentist, because of the kindness and the understanding that he has for them. When finished in the back, the tech walks you to the front to see Laura, she takes care of the billing and scheduling, and she always makes sure you are happy when you leave. Very highly recommended and give them five stars,, professionalism at its best.

Vicki O

The staff is awesome and Dr Broadbent is the best in the field. He is very concerned about having only the very best outcomes for his patients. My implant procedure was painless. The recovery was painless, as well! He and his staff are highly professional and make going to the dentist very enjoyable!

Sally K

Dr Baugh is a wonderful dentist and a friend. Our kids never fear a visit to the Dentist and the entire staff go out of their way to care for us. After trying out a few other dentists, we have returned and remained consistent customers for many years. We enjoy the loyalty rewards but would return regardless.

Highly recommended.

Steve S

We have been very pleased with our Dentist, Dr. Baugh. We have been to others when insurance didn’t accept them, but we came back even if insurance wouldn’t because we liked it that much. Even though there are closer Dentists, we choose to keep coming back because we enjoy our experience. We’ve been coming back for many years and will keep coming back. They make our kids and family feel welcome and excited to have our teeth cleaned.

Tressa S

Dr World and Monica at PioneerValley Dental are absolutely Amazing, they have done everything possible to make my experience the best I could ever imagine. I can’t express how nice it is to have a dentist and team I can fully trust. Me and my family will always go to Pioneer Valley Dental from here on out.


I just went into Pioneer Dental this morning. I was really having a lot of anxiety before I went in, everyone was so nice and friendly and put me at ease! They were quick to get me in, and so personable and easy to work with. Dr. Baugh is an amazing dentist and shows so much compassion and caring. I appreciate that more than I can say! So glad I found out Dr. Brent Baugh, and his wonderful staff!

Susie B

UPDATE: one year later and I still love it!

I have never had a bad experience at Pioneer Valley Dental. Dr. Austen Broadbent is great and always explains problems and procedures in a way that is easy to understand. Autumn in the office has always been super pleasant to work with and whatever she gets paid is not enough! Everyone that works there is real friendly and makes going to the dentist not so bad. I would highly recommend this dentist/dental office to everyone.

Megan R

We bring my mother in law, Dora Dennis, in regularly and the staff is always very kind and helpful! Makes you feel like family!

Maria D

My experiences here have always been great. Pioneer Valley Dental will take great care of you, they treat you more like family than any other place I’ve been.

Alisha M

Been coming here for over 20 years and love it! They are so friendly and do such an amazing job! They stand behind their work! I recommend them to everyone asking about a dentist!

Kodi G

Fabulous dentist and staff, been going a long time and have never had an issue. Very highly recommended to others

Ladea C

The people that work there are so nice and atend me very quickly. My family has been going there for many years now

Jorge H

My family and I started going to Pioneer Valley Dental last year to see Dr. World and always have a wonderful visit. The office is warm and sanitary and the staff are kind and professional and everyone has a smile on their face. Our dental assistant Alex, has always gone out of her way to make my daughter feel comfortable being at the dentist, from her first visit to the most recent. Dr. World was thorough and kind and also made my daughter comfortable being in the chair! I would recommend Dr. World to anyone looking for an honest, caring, and professional dentist. Thank you for the outstanding treatment!

Jessi D

Pioneer Valley Dental has been my family’s dental office for over 20 years! The staff is always friendly. The doctors are caring and competent. The dental service is always superb. Thank you!

Cindy K

We have never had a better experience than at Pioneer Dental. They are professional and personable all at the same time. They care about your comfort as much as they can. We have referred many friends to this business. We have never been disappointed.

Ricci G

This is the best place to go to for your teeth gums cleaning everything. My dds Kim maki she does a great job and her helper Alex I think that’s her name she is so nice and she helps me w/ what I need to understand to help me get that good smile ☺?? I recommend this place with 5 stars. Love it

Leilani T

I’ve been going the pioneer valley dental my whole like. 30 years now. Even though I live in Herriman and can easily find a new dentist, I’d rather make the drive because it’s worth it. I love Dr Broadbent and his staff. Make an appointment now for a high quality dental experience.

Troy H

I have been a patient at this office since I was 9 years old, I am 26 now. It’s always been a pleasant experience. I feel comfortable referring any friends and family, knowing they will be in great hands. Everyone in this office treats you like family. I feel lucky to be a part of the Pioneer Valley Dental family. Not only as a patient, but now as a staff member.

Amy A

Busted a filling out over the weekend. Called Monday morning, went in Monday afternoon and had the temporary crown put on in an hour or so. Thanks Dr Smith!

Josh J

Me and my family are going to this place for years. Doctor Austin is our Doctor and he is amazing! We love this place even when is far from our home we come here. Thank you so much guys keep doing an excellent job!

Carlos C

My wife had a toothache Christmas morning (Friday) and we had planned to go to Disneyland the next Monday. We wanted to get it looked at before we left, but no one was open. Dr. World was willing to take an emergency call and came in and took care of my wife on Saturday, the day after Christmas. She feels great now because of him and we’re excited to have a pain free trip to Disneyland. Thanks Dr. World!

Tim H

I have enjoyed going to this for all my Dental needs… They are such a wonderful, cheerful group of professionals. Yet, they bring it to a very personal one to one relationship.
I recently moved to Southern Utah, but I would never change my Dentist…
Dr Broadbent, your one of a kind. Thank you for the years of working to get my needs taken care of with in the needs of my budget. And Thank You to the rest of the people that helped.

Linda B

I have been coming here for about 12 years and absolutely love these guys! The staff is always so friendly and personable, and always remember you and treat you like a person, not just another patient. The wait times and short and sweet too! I love these guys!

Cori A

It was the best experience I’ve ever had with any Dental office or dentist..I highly recommend to anyone..the staff are amazing and very friendly, easy to interact with.

Luisa M

The exams and cleaning are very thorough and painless. friendly staff makes me feel at home.

John W

Absolutely LOVE this office. I am typically very on edge and nervous at the dentist but here they make you feel extremely comfortable and if there are any problems (such as with insurance) they help you figure out what the problem is and what they can do. I never want to find a new dentist

Brandi D

Dr Baugh and the whole staff are the best! I have been coming here for years. I moved but still drive across town to come here.

Scott S

I’ve gone here my whole life. The nurses are awesome and friendly. And Dr. Broadbent Sr. and Jr. Are amazing. They take such great care of you and become like family!

Lorena G

I love Dr. world and his staff. Aside from being super friendly, they know what they’re doing and I trust them 100 percent.

Laura C

I’ve been going to Dr. Broadbent since the 1980s when he was located next to Pioneer Valley Hospital. I initially went because they said they catered to cowards and I hated dentists. I love going to Dr. B now. He explains what is happening in terms that are easy for me to understand. Also they have the best dental assistants available, especially Brittany! Debbie is also great at taking my money and scheduling my appointments. They truly are like family to me there.

Ken P

Best dental place in utah!!
Dr Smith is the best!

Jane M

Pioneer valley is far and away the best dental office I have been to. Superb customer service. They make you feel like family and really care about your health.

Landon L

I have been seeing Dr. Maki Since I had teeth. She is amazing and I will be very upset when she does finally retire [hopefully she doesn’t]. Anyone wanting a fantastic should Dentist check her out. Only problem is she only works Mondays. But even that is a good excuse to not have to work on a Monday!


I’ve been coming to Pioneer Valley since I was 4 years old always there Dr. Smith. Not only as a kid was I treated with care now at 27 years old I still am. This isn’t just my dentist they have now become a family to me. They are always so up beat and welcoming. I walk into the door and they just know me. It’s a great feeling when the whole office greets you makes you feel reassured you are in good hands. Thru the years I have had plenty of accidents that have broken teeth but it was never a job too big for this team! They have perfected my teeth so you would never know there were feelings. It’s always an exciting thing when I get to see the family!!!

Matthew J

Very nice they help me with my emergency very quick.

Enid O

The dentists here kick so much tail. They know what they are doing and it shows. The whole staff is very friendly and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. The office itself is very nice. Clean, remodeled and pleasant to be in. Also they have tvs for you to watch while they work on your smile ?

David G

I just had some fillings replaced with Dr, Baugh, he is the best dentist I’ve ever been to (unfortunately I’ve been to a lot). He is highly efficient and skilled. Now that the numbness is wearing off I can tell that my bite is perfect and the finished product looks amazing. Their office is clean and well taken care of and their staff is top notch. Great clinic, I will be recommending them to friends and family.

Jarom S

Dr. Tom Broadbent has been my dentist for more than 3 decades. He has always done fantastic work, and is highly skilled, honest and helpful with your specific needs. When we lived out of state for several years, I made arrangements to travel back to Pioneer Valley Dental for my regular checkups. Once when I had an urgent need and Dr. Broadbent was not available, I worked with one of his associates and got the same level of service. I give Pioneer Valley Dental and their friendly staff the highest possible recommendation.

Dan D

I’ve been coming here since I was a young kid. the place feels like home you won’t find a better dentist than dr world and his assistants are just as awesome Alex,Amy and Eva make everything so quick and comfortable and to boot nick makes all the financials make sense every time. thanks pioneer valley dental I’m a lifetime patient. ?

Jess B

They have been verry helpful my boyfriend came in for an emergency extraction and they have a verry kind staff that are ttying to do their best to help him especially because he has no insurance they have been really awesome i diffenitly found my go to dentist for sure

Karla V

I recently broke a tooth, and was in urgent need of a dentist to fix it. I called Pioneer Valley Dental and Andrea worked her magic to get me in quickly.
Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly team at the front desk and was whisked back. Dr. Baugh and his assistant Mikel had my broken tooth patched up in a matter of minutes.
Everyone I came into contact with at the office, from front desk to payment, was extremely friendly and professional. I would highly recommend going to see them if you are looking for a dentist!

Audrey L

Very friendly and professional staff. Dr Maki and her assistant are the best, would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family!!!

Tracie M

Dr. Broadbent is awesome!

Siosi F

Pioneer Valley Dental has very professional and welcoming employees to greet you when you arrive. Their dental hygienists make you feel comfortable and safe. Dr World is very skilled as a Dentist, great with kids and adults alike. Highly recommend…

Jeremy L

This is probably one of the best dental offices that I have been to. They are all so nice and welcoming when you walk through the front door! Love this place!!

Zack C

Best experience ever at an dental office. I was having a dental emergency and they took me in within 30 min. Doctor Brent baugh is simply amazing and I highly recommend him. Staff was friendly and amazing! Thanks guys.

Jacob S

Excellent work, people are very nice im really happy to have them take good care of my smile thank u againg <3 ?

Alex S

Pioneer Valley Dental is by far the best most honest dental office I have ever been to. My family / inlaws have been going to Dr. World for something like 30+ years!! Maybe more! And of course my husband and myself and family will continue on going here. They are amazing.

Theresa B

Best dentist “gum guy” in the world. Trustworthy, gentle☮️☮️☮️even fun to be with!

Jeffrey R

I have been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for over 9 years. Dr Smith and the entire staff have always made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I can smile with confidence thanks to Dr Smith and his amazing team and I highly recommend them to everyone.
“Keep smiling!”

Bill S

I had a great experience at this office. They were so friendly, and good to me. I haven’t been to a dentist office that has been this good with me in a LONG time. I super appreciate it! Dr. Smith was great too and helped fix my retainer that I have on my bottom teeth. Definitely staying with then office. You guys rock !

Morialyn M

The staff was professional, polite, and gentle. I would recommend this office, and Dr Smith, to anyone needing a dentist.

Angie C

A team of true dental angels.

Today was my first visit, and I can say with certainty I won’t be going anywhere else from here on out.

After a very painful and complicated wisdom tooth extraction with my former dentist, followed by a week of follow up visits for dry socket treatments, I came to Pioneer Valley Dental in a lot of pain and with severe dental anxiety. I called to schedule an appointment this morning, and they told me to come down right away.

I was greeted upon arrival by a very friendly and helpful receptionist. Despite making such a last minute appointment, I only waited about 10 minutes (if that) before going back. My dental assistant, Iva, immediately made me feel at ease. She was very gentle and understanding, and took the time to explain what I was going through, as well as make me as comfortable as possible for an x-ray of the irritated socket.

Dr. World examined the wound and removed my sutures (which were pretty much just floating around and not really helping anything). He was so gentle I couldn’t believe he was even removing them (compared to my last dentist who worked on my mouth despite me shaking/crying in pain). Dr. World thoroughly explained my x-ray, answered all of my questions, and helped me decide how to move forward in my oral care process.

I was immediately put on an antibiotic to fight off the infection, as well as being prescribed a gentler, more effective painkiller, as the one’s my other dentist put me on were ineffective and caused extreme nausea. Nick (I believe his name was, if I’m wrong, I’m so sorry and will learn it tomorrow!) was very kind and helpful, and scheduled me to come back in first thing tomorrow morning for a follow up appointment.

Everyone in this office was incredibly kind, understanding, and thorough. I left with all of my questions answered, feeling confident that this wound will finally begin to heal. In just 30-40 minutes with these guys, I felt better than I have felt in the last week with my other dentist. I felt so respected and taken care of, I was on the verge of happy tears upon leaving!

For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to my next dentist appointment!

If you have dental anxiety, or if you have a history of negative experiences with your dentists, you need to switch over immediately!

Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental!
This place is truly a lifesaver.

Amelia D

This was my first dental cleaning at Pioneer Valley Dental and I am very impressed with Dr. Smith and his staff. They were very gentle and patient. I didn’t feel rushed and the wait time was reasonable. They made me feel like I have been going to their clinic for years. It was a great experience and I am happy that my sister referred me to such an outstanding practice. Thanks for making my experience a great one!

Jillyn K

Pioneer Valley Dental is amazing! I am from Idaho and was in town for my daughter’s wedding. My front tooth was loose and I was afraid it would fall out either before or during the wedding, (which was only a few days away.) But I was even more afraid of dentists. I have had some bad experiences. But I had to take care of this. I couldn’t wait any longer. So, I called Pioneer Valley dental and they got me right in. They put a temporary fix on it, to get me through the wedding and made me an appointment after the wedding to permanently fix it. They were all very friendly and personal, yet highly professional. I liked the way they shared my concern and explained things to me in a way that I can understand. I especially liked how two different doctors examined my mouth and discussed the situation with each other, and with me. It’s kind of like a 2nd opinion. : ) I actually felt comfortable being at the dentist, (Wow, like that never happens!) I like these guys so much, that I am putting off going to the dentist where I live and I will be making appointments at this clinic every time I go visit my daughter. Thank you, Pioneer Valley dental for putting my faith back, in dentists! I will be seeing you soon.

Tami M

I would highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental. Kurtis Smith and his office have been seeing my family for around 20 years, and they have always treated us like good friends they genuinely care about. My grandparents, dad, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and now finally me. My dad referred this practice to me, because I was seeking a dentist I felt I could rely on and trust in. I’m glad I came around, and I should have come around sooner. His assistants Sierra and Angela have worked with me each time I go, and they are simply fantastic. They are very friendly, caring, and take concerns and questions seriously, as does Dr. Smith. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. You can feel at ease putting your faith in Pioneer Valley Dental.


Sierra, Jericha, and Dr. Baugh are simply the best. I travel a distance to receive their wonderful service. They are extremely knowledgeable, caring, professional, and always help keep my oral hygiene in superior condition. I highly recommend them and hope I can continue to enjoy doing business with them for many more decades!

Michael G

Pioneer Valley Dental is a great place for all of your dental Healthcare needs. When I moved from Provo to Taylorsville when I was 5 and a half, I’ve been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for as long as I have lived in Taylorsville.(I’ve lived here for almost 10 years, btw) They provide great care and services and they pay attention to detail. Dr. World is my dentist and he does his best to make painful procedures as painless as possible(I’ve had like 2 teeth pulled because they wouldn’t fall out and I’ve had a few cavities filled here. They also crafted 2 fake front teeth for me when I totally destroyed my permanent two front teeth in an epic scooter acident.)

Benjamin T

Pioneer Valley Dental has changed my perspective on dentistry. I have undergone two sets of braces and complete reconstructive jaw surgery with other providers in order to repair my smile. Their efforts failed. The staff at Pioneer Valley Dental did what the others could not and I love my teeth again. My entire family goes to them and I will be a patient for life! Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental!!!!!

Tess S

I used to hate the dentist and went several years without one. After needing a root canal and ending up at an awful dentist, I was recommended to Dr. World. He fixed the other dentist’s mistakes and made the entire experience great. I haven’t missed a checkup since! I love Dr. World and all the staff at Pioneer Valley! Even after 6 months between visits they remember your name and story and make you feel like family. I absolutely would recommend Pioneer Valley Dental!

Jordan S

Finished my 6 month cleaning appointment and left feeling great! My dental hygienist Sierra was so nice and also Angela who polished my pearly whites was amazing. Such sweet ladies, they made sure I was completely comfortable the whole time because they knew I wasn’t feeling well. And Dr smith he is and has always been such a great dentist and kind person. Thank you all for all your hard work and care!

Sarah H

Every one from the front desk to the back is so friendly and courteous! The hygienists are very gentle and hey, you get to watch tv while they work on you. Dr. Baugh has awesome bed side manners and he’s always happy. Thank you for my experience in your office. I would recommend you to all my friends and family.

Claudette B

Best dentist and staff in town. They’re awesome.

Kevin O

Fantastic environment and a friendly staff that genuinely wants to help you out. Years of expertise behind their dentists and amazing hygienists

Seth J

Pioneer Valley Dental is awesome. Always attentive, caring and thorough. Friendly people who make it easy for even those very afraid of dentists to relax. Skilled professionals who know how to help. I highly recommend Pioneer Valley, especially to those who have had bad experiences with previous dentists.

Roger B

My entire family has always used Pioneer Valley Dental with no complaints! I got my wisdom teeth removed as painlessly as possible and am currently getting my braces. Everyone there is extremely friendly and treats you like a genuine friend! They are concerned for your safety and comfort and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. They are accepting to everyone I have seen there and I have even witnessed them speaking in different languages! If you are looking for a dentist for any reason I strongly recommend you use Pioneer Valley Dental!

Alexis M

Not only have I been to numerous dentist but I have had a bad experience at every single one. I am a grown man and should not be afraid, but I am. My wife has been going to this dentist her whole life and told me to give it a try, so I did. When I walked in my panic feeling started to calm down because the environment was soothing and the staff was above friendly. They took me back and let me know everything that they were going to do and explains if I felt anything to let them know. As soon as you know it the shots were over and I didn’t feel them at all. The dentist and his assistant talked to me the whole time and made me feel at home. As they did there work that I thought was going to take for ever time flew by and they were done. Not only did I finally find a great dentist but I no longer have that panic feeling about coming here. Thank you to all the staff and the doc for making my experience the best I have ever had. See you soon and thank you again.

Johnny M

My experience with Pioneer Valley Dental was Exceptional!
The whole process was smooth. The staff is great, extremely friendly.
From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself.
Dental assistant Mikel N Ruben inspires the most confidence by her smile and professionalism.
Kudos and the highest recommendation to Pioneer Valley Dental.

Augusto S

Dr. World and his staff always treat me with kindness and respect. They never push me toward treatment that I don’t feel I need. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I’ve been going here for many years. I have even continued to go after moving to South Jordan. They are dedicated to me, so I am dedicated to them. They also use advanced methods for cleaning that are actually refreshing. I always look forward to my appointments.

Adam F

Absolutely the best! Friendly staff, excellent care, and wonderful results. Strongly recommended. Even my kids get excited when they know we are coming to the dentist.

Brian S

They have such a professional and friendly staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Their office is beautiful and spacious.
The dentists are very skilked and knowledgeable. I feel confident that I am getting the very best in dental care.
Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental for taking excellent care of me!!!!!

Stephanie B

I love pioneer dental. I have been a patient for 13 years. Today I recieved a porcelain crown and Dr World did an amazing job. I highly recommend this dentist office.

Bev K

Dr. World and his staff are awesome!

Shayne S

Just had a crown put on. It was so quick, professional, and my teeth feel great.

Brady F

My family and I have been coming here since 1997. The staff is excellence. Dr.Workd is the awesome. And does amazing dental work. And if he is out of the office the other wonderful dentist are here to help out!!

Jen B

Awesome, great people, they do a great job.

Tiffanie I

Pioneer Valley Dental is the best, friendliest, and most professional office I have been to! I always have a good experience of care and efficiency. They know me by name, I am greeted with smiles, and I feel that my time while there is given focused attention. My daughter mistakenly heard Dr. Austen’s name as Dr. Awesome!! Well said!

Esther P

I was terrified of dentists till I came here my dentist Austen Broadbent is awesome and has treated me great I have been going in every 6-months like you are supposed to

Becky F

Our family has been coming to Pioneer Valley dental in West valley for nine years. We have never had a problem and we’ve always had great visits. We love Dr Smith and All of the staff are awesome as well!!!

Lenore C

Great service, great work, and they always treat you like you’re family.

Daniel M

I have loved this dental office since the very first visit. I have been taking my family to see Dr. Brent Baugh for approx 16 years. Dr. Baugh and his staff are amazing! They make sure that we understand what is being done at our visits. Sharon is one of his dental assistants who I have been able to develop a relationship with and even though we visit every six months or a year, we are able to pick up conversations like it was yesterday. Dr Baugh and his staff remember me and my children and that is an amazing feeling to feel like you belong and that you are cared for. I give this dental office a 5 star because of their service.

Selina D

When needing an appointment this place was able to call me back if things changed for an appointment before end of day I had an appointment that worked for my schedule

David F

I have gone to Dr World for a very long time and he and his staff impress me every time I go in the office. Thank you for always being amazing. I never have to worry about going to the “dentist” ” like most people fear.

Dr World and the entire staff are friendly, engaged and extremely kind.

Dustin S

Have been going to them since I was a little kid . Always friendly would recommend them to everyone.

Michael S

The staff are very nice and friendly and always do great work!

Gene B

Been coming here for the last eight years or so. Really happy for the service we received. Dr. Smith and staff make you feel very comfortable. Before coming here had a huge fear of Dentists. I now look forward to my dental appointments. Thank you for all you do for about my family. Thank you for all you have done.

Jason C

Dr. Baugh and his staff are so amazing. I have tremendous anxiety of going to the dentist but Dr. Baugh always makes me feel comfortable. I trust him with myself, my husband, and my kids. And it’s super affordable!

Julie S

Super friendly and does a amazing job!

Kevin P

They have always treated my family like we are a part of theirs. Thank you!


I’ve gone to Pioneer Valley Dental since I was a child. I’ve always gotten great dental care and always recommend them to friends (but not enemies, I expect my enimies to suffer). I’ve done orthodontics and the usually cleanings, one filing and wisdom teeth removal. Even the worst of those experiences don’t fill me with fear. If you don’t count yourself among my foes, I recommend them to you.

Michael G

Best dentist ever!! We’ve been going to Pioneer Valley Dental since 89. My husband’s family started seeing Dr. World and we now see Dr. Smith. Always had the best services, they treat us like family.

Sherrie W

I have been going to Pioneer Dental for as long as I can remember. The staff is always so friendly and genuinely care about all their patients. Pioneer Dental is by far the best dentist office and I would recommend them to everyone.

David O

Dentists can be awesome and staff as well?and this sure is true with Dr. Baugh ! My anxiety is eased! Thank you !

Sandra W

This has been by far the best experience dr.austen broadbent made me fill comfortable and relaxed the staff is also amazing

Chris H

Pioneer valley dental is my favorite dental office I have ever been to. All of their staff are professional and so nice. Dr. World is my main dentist and he is amazing. He is personal and you can tell that he cares about his patients.

This is the first dentist that I have ever been to where I feel confident in their services. They know what they are taking about and they take the time to explain everything if you have any questions.

I would recommend pioneer valley dental to anyone!

Cassaundra M

I love the staff here. They are all so kind!

Becka L

I have been going to see Dr Broadbent at pioneer dental since childhood and I’m 41 now so long time I love everyone there. There such a great staff they all take real good care of you… Thank you Dr Broadbent and everyone at pioneer dental… Kim Robinson

Kimberly R

I recently found Dr Baugh & I am so happy to have found a dentist that I will stay with. Dr Baugh & his team are great! They’re all so friendly & go above and beyond to make sure their patients are taken care of and have everything they need. I love that they’re not pushy or trying to recommend unnecessary things.

Bree E

Our family has been coming here for years, the staff is very friendly and we love Dr Smith!

Patty R

Dr. Thomas Broadbent has been my dentist for over 15 years. Dr. Broadbent and the entire staff at Pioneer Valley Dental strive for perfection. They are friendly, concerned, caring and have always gone out of their way to make my visits more comfortable. They have been very honest in all the years I have been going to them. I do not hesitate to highly recommend Pioneer Valley Dental.

Wes G

Dr. World and his staff are always so friendly and my appointments are quick, they know my time is valuable.

Krista L

Always extremely friendly and professional. Does an amazing job making me comfortable in a clean and sanitary atmosphere.

Chere S

I greatly appreciate how the staff at Pioneer Valley Dental always tries to make my visits as comfortable as possible. Dr. Broadbent did laser treatment on my receding gums and the pain decreased dramatically and has lasted for years. He also balanced my bite using the T-Scan. This has relieved much tension in my neck and head. My bite now feels even and comfortable. I do not have the anxiety about dental work I previously had because of the professional and expert care I always receive.

Dianne J

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, are extremely nice. Absolutely amazing experience. Thank you all. Dr. Smith and his crew are the absolute best! Highly recommend. Sierra and Dan are absolutely wonderful. Full 5 stars. You won’t be disappointed coming here.


Our family has been coming to Pioneer Valley dental for over 10 years now. We have never had a problem and the staff is always very friendly.

Sierra K

They always have great service and are very friendly. Plus they give you free teeth whitening gel or 10 gift card every visit.

Erica S

I have been coming to pioneer valley dental for over 25yrs, I have had Dr. Smith the entire time. I love this office, they are so friendly & treat you like family

Tamie J

Pioneer Valley Dental has always taken great care of our family’s dental needs. Dr. Broadbent used a computer aided system to correct my bite. I no longer find myself subconsciously clenching or grinding my teeth during the day. Also, he made a night guard for me to keep me from grinding them at night. I no longer wake up with tension headaches due to grinding my teeth. The dental assistants/hygienists are also always very kind and considerate.

Andrea B

I have severe anxiety about the dentist and these are the only people I will go to. They are amazing and so understanding and gentle. If you have any fears about the drills at all these are the guys to go to.

Sarah C

I have a very complicated mouth with a lot of problems. Dr. Austin Broadbent and Dr. Tom Broadbent have studied and worked hard to solve these problems. I have complete confidence in them both. The staff is warm and friendly. They are reasonably priced and I have always felt they’ve had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone and have recommended them to many friends. Thank you Pioneer Dental for taking such good care of our family.

Tammy H

I came here for a second opinion on some root canals. Dr. Baugh took some extra time to put a temporary filling on my broken tooth during an appointment that was just to fill a cavity. Very knowledgeable staff. I would recommend this place to you if you need dental work or a second opinion.

Josh H

We love this office! We have been coming here for years. We have never had a bad experience. We are treated like friends not just patients.

Andrea C

I have lived with crooked and old looking teeth for way too long. I have known that Dr. Thomas Broadbent is an artist when it comes to making a persons smile look amazing!
I went in yesterday morning to begin the process of receiving new crowns and veneers and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. I am so impressed with Dr. Broadbents personal interest in understanding and addressing any and all concerns that I have. Even more importantly, I am excited about the fact that I am in the hands of not only an artist of smiles, but a Dentist that has amazing skill and knowledge in his field of medicine.
Oh,,, and by the way,,, I couldn’t even feel the Novicane injections!
So,, yesterday, Dr Broadbent removed three crowns, and prepared a fourth tooth for another crown. He custom made the four temporary teeth and put them in. This morning, my mouth could not tell you that it went through all of that yesterday. I can’t feel a thing.
Thank you Dr. Broadbent and Brittany (assistant) for a great start!

Tom D

I love this place. I’ve been coming here since I was 6, I’m 30 now. Dr Smith is the greatest and his staff is absolute top notch. Id recommend anyone needing any type of work done to go see them. I had a tooth pulled and I’m and out in less then an hour. Absolutely pleased. Thank you so much Dr Smith and your fine team!!

Tate D

This is the best Dental Office my family has been to. We love the personal touch.

Robert S

I absolutely love everyone at Pioneer Valley Dental. My three kids, husband, and myself all go here and we have never been disappointed. They are absolutely amazing with kids and always make the experience very personable.

Audree C

i love Dr Broadbent and his assistants! They go out of there way to make me as comfortable as possible…blanket, TV, water and conversation!

Teresa W

We just love the staff here! Dr. Smith is the best dentist I have ever been to. Even my kids love going to the dentist. Thank you all so much.

Meaghen S

Excellent facility, dentists and care. Highly recommend


Pioneer Valley Dental is a wonderful dentist office. Always a genuine and honest experience for what is necesary for your dental needs at a very reasonable price.

Dr. Broadbent is a terrific Dentist. He is warm, caring, provides a great experience that is unlike any other. The staff are welcoming, kind and very helpful.

I have moved around a lot and I am very willing to travel to visit Pioneer Valley because there is no other office quite like Pioneer Valley Dental. When talk of needing a new dentist or a better dental experience comes up I am always the first to jump in and recommend this office.

My family and I are patients for life!!!

Chris C

My whole family has been coming to this office for as long as I can remember. I have only worked with Dr. Smith and his team and I love them all very much. I look forward to my visits!!

Nikki R

I have been going here for 14 years. They have always been friendly and have taken care of all of my dental needs. They greet me by name and make me laugh every time I visit.

Kristian W

PVD and Dr Baugh are the best. I’ve been seeing them for over 15 years and refer them to everyone. I love them so much I still see them even though I moved 70 miles away. I have never had issues with them, from the check in desk all the way through the process to the check out desk. I’ve gone through multiple insurances and they’ve followed right along, I’m uninsured right now and they are great at working out payment that is manageable for me. I love the perks of gift cards or discounts on my bill as well as the usual free dental products. I feel like Dr Baugh is caring, he remembers things about me even though I’m only there every six months. He even asked me to text his personal cell when I found out the gender of my miracle baby. I’ve never had any negative interactions with any of the staff, which I think is hard to come by in the medical field. I’ll stay a patient here forever.

Maria D

Great customer service. They call me by name which makes me feel important to them. Friendly staff!

Connor B

Love this clinic! Been a patient for more than 15 years. Very helpful and always smiling!

Lu Ann B

Wonderful! They are saving tooth, charge only what’s needed kind of people.

Victoria M

This Dental Office is Top of the Line!! My husband and I have been going here for past 10 years. Dr. Baugh is our primary dentist and we love him! He actually cares about his patients and his work! He is fair with prices when without insurance byou giving discounts. The office itself is beautiful. They have a Star Trek room for kids in waiting area, which I also love as an adult. It’s so clean and everyone is so nice and professional. When in the dentists chair you are given a blanket if cold, headphones and a remote to distract you with a TV above you on ceiling. They use yummy tasting fluoride foam (multiple flavors to choose from) not disgusting kind like cheap dentists. The dental assistants are so patient and friendly. The hygienist is top rate! Everything about this dental office makes it my favorite dentist office!! Highly Recommend! You will actually start to like going to the dentist at this office, no kidding. Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental for All of your hard work to make going to the dentist a safe, good experience!!!!

Amanda E

My family and I have been coming here for years. They always treat you like family and usually you can get an appointment the same day. I had a front tooth bone Graf and implant done. Dr. Baugh took the time to do it right and I am happy with the results. I would recommend this office to anyone. They are professionals and they will give you a bright smile! Thank you Pioneer Valley!

Angela H

Staff and Doctors are very professional. I enjoy my visit to the dentist!

Lili M

The people here know me by name every time I walk in and are extremely friendly and feel comfortable with the services I receive every time I come in. Another benefit is that when you come in for an appointment you are actually seen when you’re supposed to unlike quite a few other doctors offices that you’re waiting 30 minutes to an hour just to beenseen and left waiting in a room again for another 10 to 20 minutes. I won’t go anywhere else for my teeth.

Ron F

Dr. Smith is the best that my that has happened to the world of teeth! Every experience here is comfortable and well worth my time. I would suggest Dr. Smith to all my friends and family.

Josh B

I dont like going to the dentist but Dr. Austen Broadbent makes you feel nice and comfortable and hes a great dentist and knows what he is doing and hes always happy. The staff there is always great and wanting to help with whatever you need help with. I am really happy with this dentist. Everyone there is awesome. I would highly recommend these guys.

Alicia H

My wife has some veneers and crowns that needed some work, we had been to two other dentists giving us different stories. Dr. World made us feel like we could trust him and he told us exactly what was going on with her teeth. He said we didn’t need to replace all of them, just the ones that had problems. Very good experience and great dental care. Highly recommend

Chace C

I will never go to another dentist again. The staff at Pioneer Valley Dental are so friendly, nice and professional. Dr. Baugh is great! I would definitely recommend to family and friends to come here.

Hali C

My entire family comes to Pioneer Dental and have for years. We love the dentists and the staff…they’re like friends!

Trina B

I have had the best experiences at pioneer valley dental. They are great with any concerns I have.

Carla T

On every visit we are warmly welcomed and treated like a VIP. The staff from reception to assistants, hygenist to office manager are exceptional. They set the stage for the excellent care and service we receive from Dr. Smith. We love Pioneer Valley Dental and view them as family!!

Tracie B

I have been going to Pioneer Valley Dental for 13+ years and my husband even longer. Dr Smith & his staff have become great friends and it’s always a pleasant experience with each visit! You can’t beat their loyalty rewards either. I have 5 kids and they accommodate them all to have a cleaning all at the same time. Won’t go anywhere else.

Tanya H

I have been visiting this office for over 30 years and the reason the practice continues to grow is because of the professional friendly treatment that is provided by all the employees. The patient’s comfort is paramount to the visit, and there is genuine interest you and your family. I recommend this office to anybody.

Steven S

Very friendly staff. Nice environment. Great service.

Vickie R

I love this place! We have been going here all my life. We almost left once because of an issue when working with Dr. Broadbent and his son when he was first starting out but we switched to Dr. World and have been nothing but satisfied. Their staff is amazing! And they do a fabulous job.

TMoney B

The Fate of Your Teeth rests with two people, you and your dentist! I trust myself, but can I trust my dentist? Yes!

As a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental, I put my full trust into my doctor, Dr. Thomas Broadbent, a trust he has fully earned. Each time I have an appointment to meet with him, I rest assured that he practices with integrity, that he is honest with his consultations and billings, and that he is personally interested in my dental needs.

In my particular situation, I suffered almost weekly from migraine headaches with nausea, vomiting, and so forth. At the doctor’s recommendation, I underwent a painless procedure called Tekscan. During this process, the doctor adjusted my bite with technical precision to relax my muscles and jaw strain. Since the procedure, I have felt 100% better! However, I remain under the doctor’s watchful eye where we monitor the results, and adjust as necessary the bite on my teeth. What I appreciate about the doctor in this situation, is that he is never satisfied until he feels the job is done right, according to his high standards! If you have exhausted yourself looking for other forms of relief, ask to visit with Dr. Broadbent to discuss this technique.

In addition, he corrected many of the mistakes that my earlier dentists had made on my teeth. I know that there are bad people in every profession, but these corrections were done because I had finally found a dentist who knows his profession. My satisfaction with his work even exceeded my own expectations for the work done.

I highly recommend Pioneer Dental, and especially Dr. Thomas Broadbent, to anyone who is looking for relief from migraine headaches and other dental work to be done!

Lillian M

I’ve seen the same dentist for 30 years! Doctor B is awesome! He’s knowledgeable and friendly and his staff always works really hard to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I recommend them to everyone!

Candis M

I have to tell Everyone & Anyone who is apprehensive about dentists or whose anxiety goes “Through the Roof” just thinking about making an appointment. Come to this office of Pioneer Valley Dental. This is Not an ad or gimmick. I Am one who has had horrible experiences, (plural) people. I get tears just thinking about calling to make an appointment.
Now that I’ve been here it’s not so difficult to make that call. They Are Awesome! Two different doctors and the same careful, patient attention to making sure I was comfortable and numb and relaxed Before the work started. They have plenty of tissue for me and my emotional state. You won’t regret going to visit with the people in this entire office. Seriously. Make the call.

Cindy H

I can’t think of anything negative about this place. We’ve always been able to get a timely appointment; the entire staff is nice and easy to work with; and they are very accommodating to some of us that are little more nervous about dentist’s visits than others.

Susannah K

We love coming here. The dental assistants are all wonderful as well as our dentist. They are able to fit us in in the case of an emergency. When my son had an abscess, Dr. World told us we could just stop in and he could do a quick check on it. They make conversation and seem to genuinely care about us, not only for our teeth, but in our lives. They always make sure and give us a call after appointments to make sure we’re not having any issues or pain. I asked my son if he wanted to switch to a pediatric dentist because they’re more centered around kids and he loves the staff so much that he has no desire to leave Pioneer Valley!

Nicole R

Everyone is always so friendly. Dr world is the best wouldn’t go to any other dentist #1 recommend for sure. You will not be disappointed 🙂

Rose M

I have been going to Dr World for more than. 25 years. My children see him and also my granddaughters see him. Everyone in that office is awesome. In the past, he has opened the office and helped me whenever I’ve had a need. They treat you like family. And, he guarantees his work. I recommend this office to everyone I meet

Carolyn M

I have been a patient at Pioneer Valley Dental since I was in the second grade. I absolutely adore my dentist and all of the staff in the office. Most of my friends don’t enjoy going to their dentist appts, I’m so grateful I grew up going to a dentist office I was never afraid of and always enjoyed!

Megan W

I needed a new dentist, as mine retired. They fit me in the next day, after having had a crown loosen. The office is extremely nice, friendly staff, and they even accommodated me due to my overwhelming fear of the dentist. Laughing gas is a blessing!

Brooke H

Love Dr. Austin Broadbent. I had a broken tooth and they worked me right in. He is a very gentle dentist.

Sheri M

We have been coming here for over 10 years. Even after moving 40 miles away. They are the best!

Garth S

Been going to Pioneer valley dental since I was a child. Dr. World is the best. The staff is always so friendly. Never had a bad experience.

Calli J

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Baugh since I was 14 ears old or about 17 years, and I’ve never, and I mean never been disappointed with the work or how I’ve been treated here. Great staff, great doctors and over just a great place to go. I highly recommend this place 🙂

Mone Langi

My dental provider for many years and treatments. The best dentists I have been to. Professional, friendly, always helpful and accommodating! Dr. Smith is my personal provider at Pioneer Valley Dental. His assistants are very good as well. Recommended!!

Bruce H

I just PVD. They are the best. They give the most personal experiences and they always remember you. Dr. R Taylor World has been my dentist for my whole life and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. So thanks you Pioneer Valley Dental

MoJo JoJo

I love Dr World and Dr Baugh. They are so kind and caring. The best dental staff in all of the Salt Lake Valley. I would recommend them 100% to everyone.

Donnette H

My family has been coming to Pioneer Dental for over 10 years. I love the staff and I love how they treat the kids and remember our conversations like it was yesterday. They treat you like family and you just can’t find that anywhere these days. Dr. World and his team is amazing and recommend this dental office to everyone I know.

Jo B

The staff is always so helpful. They are always able to find a time that will work with my schedule. They also work really well with insurance and always try to make sure they pay for as much as possible to save me money. The dentist are all really great I’ve worked with 2 of them And they are fantastic at their job.

Ryan F

The cleaning was quick and

The cleaning was quick and painless. Pioneer Valley Dental makes going to the dentist easy and enjoyable. Dr. Baugh was very friendly and even offered to shave off some ridges to make my front teeth look better.

Pioneer Valley also pays for fluoride which is super nice. I will be going back!

Nathan G

I LOVE Pioneer Valley Dental!! We started coming here after our previous dentist said I had 4 cavities and I didn’t feel right about it. I asked around for a second opinion. I came to Dr. Smith here at Pioneer Valley Dental and found out that my previous dentist was lying to me and was going to drill on two teeth that didn’t need it. I never went back there. I have always been treated with honesty and respect when I come to my visits here. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you have a positive experience in their office. I recently decided to switch my kids over to Dr. Smith from their pediatric dentist that they started with before I started coming here. I found that I had more trust and faith in this office than I did the kids’ office that it didn’t make sense to not switch them over. They had their first visit today! Everything went great! The office was just as wonderful toward them as they have been toward me and my husband. Thank you Pioneer Valley Dental for being so AMAZING!!!

Krista D

Simply amazing! This practice is run the way you would want to run your own business. Everyone here is professional, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. You get the best service, and it is clear that this office is well managed by people who truly care about their patients. Professionalism like this comes from the top down. They treat you like a good friend, ask about your family, hobbies, work,, and then ask you about it whenever you come in. You are not just a number to them.
They do amazing work and are very decently priced. You certainly get more for your money here!

Steph M.

Ive been going here for many years to see Dr. Smith. I’ve had cosmetic and general dentistry.
Great care and wonderful people, from the office staff to the assistants to the doctors. They always greet you by name and with a smile. The office is very clean and modern. They are almost always on schedule and don’t waste your time keeping you sitting in the waiting room. I feel they are current with the latest procedure and take utmost concern with patient well being.

Shelley R


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Our friendly staff at Pioneer Valley Dental takes great pride in both the quality of treatment that we provide and in the materials we use to do it. Many of our patients ask, “How long will this work last?” It’s a valid question.  In most cases we warranty our work for 3 to 5 years—depending on the treatment.

Please call for more details or set up an appointment and we’ll consult with you on your dental needs.

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